CLASSIXX: Mike (izquierda) Tyler (derecha)

Hoy en Le Vibe hemos cumplido un sueño: hemos compartido unas palabras de choteo con Tyler, de Classixx.

No os entretenemos más, checkead aquí nuestra conversación sobre danditrónica, hip hop y verano:

1. What are your main influences?

We’re influenced by all types of music but I think the stuff that comes out most in Classixx is our love for great pop music like the Michael Jackson records that Quincy Jones produced and most of Prince’s music.  We also love traditional R ‘n B and funk like Stevie Wonder or The Whsipers and also New Wave stuff like New Order and the Talking Heads.  We’re also hugely influenced by a lot of modern dance music like Daft Punk and most of the releases on DFA records along with the stuff that inspired that music like classic Chicago house and New York disco.   We listened to a lot of underground electronic music and indie rock stuff when we were in high school and still do to this day and we’re also big fans of the great singer songwriters like Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, David Bowie, Lennon/McCartney, Bob Marley, etc.  Punk Rock and Hip Hop also play a part in our musical upbringing.  I think that is the most completely I’ve ever answered that question and it still feels like just the tip of the iceberg.

2. What genre would you classify your music as? We like to call it dandytronic music.

Our music is mainly pop.  Even the stuff that is a little more experiental or wierd seems pretty pop-oriented to us. We want to make interesting stuff but we also don’t want to confuse anyone including ourselves.

3. Have you left behind the raw sound you had with songs like Cold Act Ill or Dial 1 and as Young Americans?

Rather than being “raw”,  I personally think those songs were just unrefined.   We hadn’t figured out what we wanted to be yet or what we were best at musically and stylistically.  We’ve honed in on what excites us more now and we try to just do that and in a way that actually feels more raw and real to us, even if our music may not be as aggressive.  We don’t have any rules, we’re just trying to make music we like.

4. What’s a day in the life of Classixx like?

Usually Mike gets to the studio pretty early, around 9 or 10 am (that’s early for me),  and he works on music by himself until around lunchtime. Then I usually come in and we work on music until around 6 and then Mike takes off and I work on stuff for a couple more hours by myself.  Its nice to be able to work together but also work out your own ideas alone.  After the studio Mike usually goes home and hangs with his girl and I usually go out for a drink with friends.  That’s the most typical I think.

5. You’ve just released your single Into the Valley, are you planning any more releases or remixes? Maybe an album?

Yes, we have a remix we did for our friends Cosmic Kids that comes out on April 4th on Throne Of Blood. We also recently did a remix for a talented singer songwriter called Nite Jewel that will probably be available sometime in the near future.  We’re working on an album and that should be done hopefully sometime in the fall.

6. Any new bands from California that are worth listening to?

Cosmic Kids who I just mentioned are awesome.  Dam Funk is great.  We’re also big fans of our friends Local Natives, Teen, Inc., Superhumanoids, Acid Girls, and Poolside.  Those are all definitely worth a listen/google search.

7. Do you have any bizarre anecdotes from gigs or touring?

We have a lot of wierd stories.  One that comes to mind is just last week we played a festival in Vail, Colorado which is a really nice ski resort town.  When we got to our hotel we realized it had been completely taken over by young party kids who were there for the festival.  There was no security there at all and the entire hotel was trashed.  It was total chaos.  There were half eaten pizza boxes and cans of beer littered through out the hallways and the entire place smelled like pot.  The first thing that happened as we were walking to our room was that a 19 year old kid holding balloons asked us if we wanted to do Nitrus.  I think that’s pretty bizarre for guys our age.

8. Which has been your best summer so far? We love summer.

Last summer was really great.  We played a lot of pool parties and our music suits that really well.  I always love summer and each year it feels better than the last actually.


9. Favourite movie:
Forrest Gump.

10. Favourite videogame:
Either “The Legend Of Zelda” of “Link” (the sequel) for the original NES.  The cartridges were gold which is also awesome.

11. Beatles or Rolling Stones: It seems like its cooler to say Rolling Stones and of course I love the Stones but i guess i have to say The Beatles.

12. Best place to chill in California:
Palm Springs is really relaxing and beautiful. Mikey is actually getting married there soon.

14. Childhood heroes:
MJ, Prince, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon

15. East Coast or West Coast hip hop:
Its probably sac-religous to say but I can’t really choose.  I love west coast hip hop and G Funk but my favorite hip hop group is Tribe Called Quest and they’re from Queens in New York.

Si necesitáis una versión en español, checkead el traductor de Google.


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