Tunning por nuestra colega AC | Checkead más de sus obras en la sección amigotes "Imagine It"

Hace un par de semanas os dejamos una breve pistilla de que había una entrevista con una gente parisina muy fina.

Esa gente tan molona no es ni más ni menos que el dúo Jupiter (chico y chica), que salió a la luz en primavera del 2010 y gracias a Kitsuné esta ganando bastantes puntos de respeto, asi que no descartéis verles en MTV el año que viene.

Checkead nuestra amena y simpática charla con ellos:

1. What are your main influences?

Everything we’ve learnt to love while growing up, which is a lot. Electronic music of course, loads of disco & funk, every shade of rock music and a pinch of hip hop.

2. How would you describe yourselves to someone who’s never heard of you?

Disco Pop Burger.

3. Are you planning to release any new songs/remixes or even an album?

We’ve been working on our debut album for about a year now, we’re hoping to release it ASAP. Which could mean anything, really!

3. Any new French bands we should pay close attention to?

Splash Wave are pretty good, so are Concorde.

4. How did you guys meet Kitsuné?

We first did a couple of remixes for them (Chew Lips, Two Door Cinema Club) which they enjoyed and this led them to use some original tracks on mix cds (Gildas & Masaya – Tokyo & Kitsuné x Ponystep). In early 2010 we recorded a track named Vox Populi which they included in the then-new Kitsuné Maison 9. Eventually they heard Saké which they decided to release both as part of a compilation and as an actual single. Climbing up the ladder baby 😉

5. What equipment do you use?

We run FL Studio on a PC as a main sequencer, and loads of plug-ins. In terms of hardware it’s a lot of Juno 106 and our beautiful Fender Strat from 1976.

6. Any anecdotes or bizarre stories from gigs?

Well our very first concert was opening for Metronomy in a full venue, which was quite weird already. Also, we once played a gig on the first floor of a construction site, which is up there with Pink Floyd in Pompei haha

7. What places in Paris or France should we go to?

There is so much to do here, I guess coming from Spain you could ski in the Pyrénées in the morning, go relax on the Banc D’Arguin in the afternoon, enjoy a nice burger à la française at the American Bistrot in Paris and dance the night away in Magazine club in Lille. That would be a pretty nice day!


8. Favourite movie:

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

9. Best album of 2010:

Teen Dream by Beach House

10. Best music video of 2010:

Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass

11. Dream merch table:

Jupiter action figures (each sold separately)

12. Dream collaboration:

Jupiter x Earth Wind & Fire

13. Beatles or Rolling Stones:

Jean-Michel Jarre

14. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

South California would be nice…

15. Anything to say to our spanish Readers?

Send us a whole Jamon Iberico, we will be eternally grateful.

Y recordad! Si os cuestan algunos vocablos, Google Translator!


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