Nose lo que esta pasando pero parecen pasarselo bien.

Bag Raiders son un duo Australiano, de los cuales ya hemos hablado. Son ciertamente petabélicos y como son así de finos, han querido integrarse con su público y nos han concedido una entrevista, la cual podeis checkear a continuación:

1. How would you describe yourselves to someone who doesn’t know you?

Laid back fun-loving dudes that appreciate good food, good music, and fine wine..

2. There’s a change in sound from “Shooting Stars” to some of your newer  singles such as “Way Back Home”. How would you describe this change?

I suppose way back home is a bit darker and more sombre… but it also gets quite Big, busy and junglular… More jungle techno..

3. Are Bang Gang and Modular very different labels? Is there any rivalry or is it a friendly relationship?

Bang Gang primarily puts out Dance music 12inches.. It’s more focused on dance music proucers whereas Modular has a range of varied bands on their roster, not just in dance music..  It’s a friendly relationship between the two as they are all buddies and been doing stuff alongside eachother for years..

4. How did you begin producing music? How was the start of Bag Raiders?

We began producing music by experimenting in electronic music which was more ambient and not really what you would call “dance music”.  Gradually we started to do some bootleg remixes to give to our DJ friends who were putting on the Bang Gang parties..  We started to do this live show where our buddy Gus from Bang Gang would DJ and we played keyboards and guitar and sang weird dance covers of songs by the pixies and the cure..  Then we got into a remix or two, which led to our own original production, and the rest is history…

5. You’ve done quite a lot of touring and playing at festivals, any funny or interesting anecdotes you can share from your travels?

We have played in a bowling alley to about 18 people, which was hilarious..  We’ve seen Calvin Harris get kicked out of a bar for fighting, we’ve seen diplo and Jesse Rose hijack the golf buggies and cause a lot of mayhem at a couple of festivals.  I once heard of some artists stealing a van from one of the festivals we played on, and then subsequently got arrested when they drove it back to the hotel and the van was reported stolen.

6. You do both DJ sets and you play live, which one do you prefer?

Both of them are a lot of fun..   It is a great feeling playing live because it feels more like we are a real band and people are there to watch us perform our music which is a great feeling..  It is a lot more work because there is a lot to think about on stage, but it is very rewarding.   It is also a nice break to be able to walk into a club or festival with nothing but some CD’s and headphones and go nuts..

7. Will you ever visit Spain?

We will visit Spain!! Very soon!!!  Stay tuned!!

8. Any good new bands you could recommend us?

Mostly listen to older music… However, have been digging Painted Palms, Softwar, Flight Facilities, Brothertiger, Kisses..

9. Favourite movie: True Romance is pretty cool… So is medicine man with sean connery.  Indiana Jones (the first 3) rocked my world.

10. Favourite videogame: Mario world/cart..

11. Beatles or Rolling Stones: Both, but probably more the Beatles..

12. Best place to go in Australia (we’ve been told North Eastern New South Wales is pretty good): Yeah Byron Bay and around that area are pretty cool.   There is some amazing Rainforest areas around up in Far North Queensland near Mossman and places like that..  Beaches all along the east coast of Australia are a paradise..

13. Childhood heroes: Danger Mouse, Super Ted, Indiana Jones..

14. East Coast or West Coast hip hop: Both, but West coast had some amazing G-funk.. RIP Nate Dogg..

15. Dream merch table: ?

16. Dream collaboration: Prince/Earth Wind and Fire..

17. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? Hopefully we will have a gigantic studio with wall to wall synthersizers and drum machines… We will spend all day and night just making noises, only recording when we feel absolutely necessary…  We will have had completed around 8 albums and 3 “best of” compilations, and have scored films and produced records for lots of other artists….

Either that or we’ll be homeless, down and out, with no synthersizers..

18. Simpsons or Family Guy: Both.. However, the older simpsons are the best simpsons, Family Guy is absolutely killing it at the moment..

19. Anything to say to our spanish Readers? Si!! Buenas Dias, Mucho Gusto, Donde estan los chorizos?

Una vez más, si dudais de vuestra comprensión anglosajona no dudeis en usar el Google Translator mens!

Por cierto! Bag Raiders van a empezar gira por Europa en Abril, las fechas todavía tienen que confirmarse pero andaros con ojo que han dejado caer un pista en la interviu que vendrán pronto a España! A tope de power!





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