Minitel Rose se divierten en la playa

Como ya os dije ayer, hemos compartido unas palabras con el trío francés Minitel Rose, y aquí os proporcionamos la entrevista de la semana. Gozad pequeños.

1 .How would you describe yourselves to someone who’s never heard of you?

Minitel Rose are three childhoood friends enjoying making positive music. It’s just good feelings sharing via synthetizer and drum machine.

2 .Your debut LP come out last year, how pleased are you with it so far?

It was something we always wanted to do, so I guess that the first get special feelings. We did this record, in Quentin’s born-town, in a big house in front of the ocean. During one month we were cut of from the world and only into music.The album is exactly how we wanted to do.

3 .There was a change of style from your EP “The French Machine“to “Atlantique“, how would you describe this change?

Since French Machine, we grow up, we travel, we learn. So our music changes. It’s just the way it is. French Machine was a two year “best of”, Atlantique is a one month studio album. Our next songs will be different as we are always looking to do something different.

4 .What do you like doing in your free time?

Doing music for our own, chilling with friends, going out, watching movies. Raphael and Quentin take care of FVTVR Records, our own label with it we produced College and Rhum For Pauline. (Eso son dos grupos)

5 .You’ve said in some interviews you really like partying, any bizarre or funny stories?

Plenty but i’m not sure that’s funny to explain when you’re not drunk.

6 .What’s the coolest part about being Minitel Rose?

We are just friends doing what they like the most in the world plus we now have the opportunity to share this with audiences all around the world. So it’s like our work is a everyday party for us.

7 .Why did you choose to sing in English? French is a cool language. Or maybe its because the French English accent is cooler for the ladies?

It’s hard to write good electro pop lyrics in french, some succed as Yelle for example but we don’t. 90% of the music we listen is in English so it’s natural to do it. The french accent effect is just a bonus.

8 .Where does the name come from?

We were partying with our long time friends with the idea to get the most excited name to start a new band. After several beers, Minitel Rose came from.
Minitel Rose is a kind of internet father, it was released only in france. On it you could go on a sexy chat called Minitel Rose. It was all about sharing emotion via the machine as we do with our music.

9 .What’s a normal day for you guys? And an exciting one?

Normal day is answering mail about the band, the label. Sending the merchandising to our audience that we sold on the web. It’s organized party in Nantes our hometown. It’s digging new sound on the internet. It’s practicing with the band. And of course doing music, always.
An exciting one is when we travel together and we know that a good party is waiting for us.


10.Favorite movie: Too hard question for one guy and we are three…

11. Best album of 2010: Tame Impala – Innerspeaker

12. Best music video of 2010: El Guincho – bombay

13. Dream merch table: Vidéo Games in 3D

14. Dream collaboration: Allan Braxe, David Guilmour, David Bowie…

15. Beatles or Rolling Stones: There is a debate inside the band

16. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? With a studio full of hardware producing cool music, and diving into the swimming pool when it start to be hot too much

17.Anything to say to our Spanish Readers? We love spain, we love your food, your girls, your weather, so please let us play more in your country

Que gente más simpática copón! Una vez más, dudillas lingüísticas, acudid a Google.


(estad atentos a la interviú de la semana que viene porque va a ser mierda muy jevi…)



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