Hemos compartido unas palabras de choteo con Antoine, guitarrista y cantante de JAMAICA, el grupo del que hemos hablado tres veces (una, dos y tres) y que están destinados a destruir belios a nivel internacional.


1. What relationship do you guys have with Ed Banger? (Ed Banger es la discográfica de Justice, que ha ayudado bastante a Jamaica)

Antoine: We’re not signed to Ed Banger so we’re basically friends. Our label is called Cooperative Music. Our relationship with them is great, we love Pedro, So_Me and Amandine. I actually live almost next door so they’re pretty cool neighbours.

2. What happened with Poney Poney? (Jamaica se solía llamar Poney Poney en el 2009) Is Jamaica just a change of name or a complete different concept?

Antoine: We lost a member, namely Sam the drummer and we decided with Flo we should carry on making music together, especially since it happened exactly when Xavier told us he was ready to make this long talked about album with us. We didn’t even think about starting off from scratch, we already had songs ready and didn’t want to put them in the trash. Of course, the change of name made it clearer for everyone, including us, that we were off for a fresh start.

3. Your album No Problem was produced by Xavier De Rosnay from Justice. How did this relationship start and how did you get him to produce the album?

Antoine: We met him thanks to our ex girlfriends. They are best friends and introduced us to him. He hadn’t started Justice or even met Gaspard, so we were lucky to be friends before any collaboration happened. When I recorded some songs back then, I asked him right away to help me out because he was definitely gifted and so quick with machines. So we made “AM Music”, the first Poney Poney song, together. Sometimes later he produced other songs for the band and by “Cross The Fader”, it was obvious he was really implied in the production of our tracks, to the point we didn’t think of someone else to produce an eventual LP. When we started talking about how to make it, he mentionned Peter J. Franco with whom he had toured with Justice and thought he would be a good fit for the production team. Next thing you know, you’re recording layers of guitars in a studio.

4. Do you have any bizarre anecdotes from a tour or gig?

Antoine: We played probably more than 100 gigs in a year and I try to write down almost everything that happened. Then I usually lose those notes. One thing I remember well though is when our substitute bass player got his coat burnt down backstage while we were signing posters in the venue. The promoter put candles everywhere in the dressing room and a draft probably made everything caught fire, including his beautiful APC coat. “No Problem” tour they said. Except that we were touring Scandinavia in winter at the time and it was -10°C outside. Also, a manic girl decided to talk to Flo after a show at a festival in Brittany. She got pretty violent, got caught by security, scared the shit out of us and we forgot about her. Then we saw her lying next to a bit of vomit by a fence later, her face scratched, probably by herself. She then asked a friend of ours to talk to “her boyfriend Antoine (ie me I guess), the bass player from I Am Un Chien”, the band that played after us.

5. What are your main influences?

Antoine: These days, I’m listening to Led Zeppelin and 60s and 70s folky guys like Van Morrison. I should get back to listening to new bands but I got dragged into proven geniuses lately.

6. Do you consider you follow the kind of sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle or are things around Paris more chilled?

Antoine: Paris is home so we tend to be pretty chill down there. Life on the road can be pretty hazardous sometimes, but the main things are probably lack of sleep and shitty food more than the above mentionned clichés. We though developped a quite ok talent for handling hard liquor.

7. What do you guys do in your free time?

Antoine: I’m currently in holidays in Normandy, reading a lot, writing new tracks and eating. Whenever I have time off, I usually write and try to see my loved ones whom I miss when I’m touring. My nephews are babies one day and the next time I’ll see them they would have graduated college.

8.  What’s on in France right now?

Antoine: The government said let’s attack Lybia and news people say that the situation in Japan sucks but hopefully no French is hurt, so they don’t give a damn anymore. The usual I guess. Oh, and Sebastian and Justice are about to release their albums, electro is back.

9. Any plans for the future? Maybe some new songs or even an album?

Antoine: We are about to tour the US for the release of “No Problem” there and it’s rather exciting. Around April, we’ll release the “Jericho” single with super remixes by Todd Edwards, TEPR and Alvin Risk.

New songs are on the way for sure, the next record is beginning to take shape, at least in our heads. No recording planned yet but by the end of the year, we’ll go in the studio. I fantasize about releasing pretty quickly a new EP with tracks that won’t be on LP2.


10. Dream collaboration:

Antoine: Paul Mac Cartney is invited anyday to show us his skills, songwriting and bass playing wise.

11. Childhood heroes:

Antoine: Michael Jordan. But I watched his Hall of Fame speech since and read a few interesting stories about him thinking seriously about himself as “His Airness”. And Michael Jackson too, of course.

12. Guilty pleasures:

Antoine: I’m a sports and more specifically basket ball nerd. Sports news calm me down, they’re usually the same old stories every day and it’s kind of reassuring.

13. Favourite movies:

Antoine: I suck at talking about movies though I’m a really talkative person. I watched “Back To The Future” probably 20 times between 10 and 14 year old but it made me pick a guitar to play Chuck Berry rather than opened my eyes to the beauty of cinema.

14. Beatles or Rolling Stones:

Antoine: Both, I grew up with the Beatles and are my favourite band on Earth but the Stones grew on me. I think blues is like bourbon or coffee, the taste for it comes later than the most obvious sugar. And Keith is a bad ass.

15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Antoine: I hope I’ll keep my hair.

16. Anything you would like to say to our (mainly spanish) readers?

Antoine: I love Spain, sincerely. I love the food, the people are like warm welcoming cousins, I feel almost at home when I’m there. I used to be good at Spanish in school and I always try to speak a bit. So keep on being that European and be proud, you have a great country. And sportsmen, but again, this is my hidden talent knowing about that.

Eso es todo! Nuestro amigo el traductor de Google se encargará de todas vuestras inquietudes lingüísticas.



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