Young Digerati

Esta semana, hemos charlado con nuestros nuevos amigos Young Digerati, cuatro tíos (Frank / Jeff / John / Will) de San Franciso muy molones y con una obsesión enfermiza por los ochenta.

Aparte de contestar nuestras preguntas, tenemos el honor y el placer de ser la primera página que ofrece en exclusiva su primer mix, titulado “Joy Machine Mixtape” (el título es un secreto).

Asi que ya sabéis pequeños, gozad!

1. Is it true you are part of The Breakfast Club? You claim to have met in the same way..

What’s the breakfast club?

2. How do you combine the love for new technology (digerati) with retro music? (digerati es una persona que maneja muy bien la tecnología)
We all hold advanced degrees in the computer sciences and actually accidently hacked into the U.S. Defense Dept. War Games system because we thought it was a video game.

3. Should Molly Ringwald be allowed to age? (Molly Ringwald era una teenager famosa en los 80)
We didn’t know she had. Isn’t she in that band Paramore?

4. Do you consider yourselves real digeratis?
As stated above our degrees in computerism qualify us as such. We use IBM.

5. Since you mention OC in “The Dauphin“, we’re just gonna assume you watch it and ask you a question that divides us here at Le Vibe: Marissa or Summer?
Summer. One time Will stood outside her bedroom window and played Peter Gabriel on a boombox. She called the cops.

6. What future plans do you have? Any upcoming EPs or even an album?
Our next smash single “Aquiel” is coming out the beginning of May (we had to push it back because of the music video) with another release in June followed by a European tour hopefully sometime in the summer. Remix duties by StardonE, Flashworx, Mitch Murder and Johnatron.

7. How did you start with Young Digerati?
We used to hang out in Santa Carla a lot … we all shared a passion for jumping off bridges, flying, dirt biking, and hanging out at the boardwalk. When we turned Jeff he suggested we play music instead of drinking blood all the time.

8. You did a remix for Futurecop, should we expect more YD remixes in the future?
All signs point to yes.

9. What are your main influences?
Sloan Peterson, Samantha Baker, Melinda Barret, and Cherry Valance.

10. Any bizarre or funny tour anecdotes?
We’ve never toured as Young Digerati BUT this one time John took his now wife to see some unicorns and when she touched one all Hell broke loose. Literally.


Favourite Movie
The Mutants of 2051AD

Beatles or Rolling Stones
Tears for Fears

Favourite Back To The Future Film
Back to the Future 2

Favourite videogame
Global Thermonuclear War

East Coast or West Coast hip hop
Left Coast

Dream merch table
Young Digerati Fruit Stand

Dream collaboration
Ridley Scott

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
Developing Warp Drive

Finally, anything to say to our spanish readers?
Good enough for Hemingway, good enough for us.

Como los más sabios habréis podido comprobar, todas las respuestas estan plagadas con referencias a películas de los ochenta. De hecho, ofrecemos una recompensa a aquel que haga una lista de todas las películas a las que aluden Young Digerati.

Ahora, el momento que todos estábais esperando:



Checkead la lista de canciones después del ‘seguir leyendo’.

Portada muy molona para el mix

Vangelis – Dangerous Days
Tesla Boy – Minsk
Gary Low – You’re a Danger
Albert One – For Your Love
Stardone – CT
Tame Impala – Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alkan Rework)
Savage – Only You
Yacht – Dystopia
Young Digerati – The Dauphin (Ride the Universe Remix)
Shadow Dancer – Parallax
Volta Cab – Clarissa
Casablanca – Angel of the Night
Steven Bodzin vs. Marc Romboy – Phobos (Synthapella)



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