Demolition Club Mix

Este mix es un ejemplo de como la escena ha desaparecido tal y como la creíamos conocer. Demuestra como la internet ha cambiado nuestra forma de crear y relacionarnos. Aparecen algunos de los artistas más molones del momento, productorxs que viven en sitios distintos pero que hacen movidas que comparten principios discursivos. Es un paseo por el club de la red. El antro del que nunca te echan con que pagues la factura todos los meses.

Gohda ha mezclado este lindo collage de sonidos que configuran una visión clara del club a día de hoy. Cuenta con temas de productores tan finos como WWWINGS, Sami Baha, Kamixlo o Missingno. Además de tener temas propios inéditos, o que no puedes encontrar por la net. Si no estás familiarizadx con la música club o bass, este es tu mix.

Mezclado con guante de cyborg por Gohda.

(tracklist tras la entrevista)


How long have you been producing?

I have been producing music since I was about 12-13 years old.  One of my neighbors had MIDI sequencing software that I borrowed and installed on a family computer.  Although the overall quality of the sounds were pretty bad (it used the default Windows MIDI synth sounds), I was able to learn a lot about sequencing and composing music using the software.

What made you get into club music?

I grew up mainly listening hip hop.  Through hip hop I think I eventually stumbled upon grime, which eventually led me to dubstep, garage, and jungle / dnb, etc.  Once I discovered those styles, I kinda just started following various modern scenes.

What would be the perfect club for you?

The “perfect club” for me would probably be just somewhere that plays forward thinking music, has a friendly environment, a crowd interested in the music and scene, etc.  I generally can have a good time anywhere where the music isn’t bland and the crowd is open minded.

Right now bass and club music are oriented towards industrial sounds, aggressive rhythms more similar to trance in a way but also a tendency for tropical and latin sounds. How do you see club music in a year from now? What do you think will be the main idea behind the music?

I think it will keep going the way it’s going.  The sounds that are going on right now have been developing for a couple of years and will probably only spread more. More copycat producers will pop up on soundcloud and eventually the sound will become bland and the innovators will turn to something else.  I really do like where it is right now though, the internet has allowed the scenes to transcend geographical boundaries and exist in communities online.

What was the first thing you heard this morning? And what was the first song you heard?

Probably my alarm on my phone haha.  The first song I listened to this morning was Planetary Assault Systems – Shift.

How do you feel about mixes in general? Meaning the overproduction of them and how every platform is asking for mixes all the time to everyone?

I like doing mixes.  It allows you to give people a snapshot of where you were stylistically in a given time frame.  And I feel like the whole “overproduction” thing was really inevitable as electronically composed music started taking the place of live instrument genres.  It’s almost expected that if you are a “electronic music producer”, you are expected to know how to mix.  More producers = more people creating mixes.  Yes, oversaturation can mean there’s more “posers” creating mixes, but at the same time it can mean there are talented people who are creating mixes now that wouldn’t have been creating them before.

How do you see the whole mix/podcast thing evolving? Will it evolve?

I can see the lines blurring between mixes and albums/mixtapes.  Like more and more people will probably start releasing new music in mix form to be consumed as a whole piece (like indistinguishable transitions from track to track, keeping the flow going). Not that people don’t already do it, but I see that as something that will become more of a commonality in the future.

Do you listen to your own mixes after they’ve been uploaded? 🙂

After I do a mix I’ll usually listen to it all the way through at least once just to make sure it flows well.  I feel like it’s always good to quality check things.

Could you name three mainstream artists you’re into at the moment?

Umm…3 that come to mind are Kanye West, Drake, and Future.  I don’t know if I’m into all of them “at the moment” (I feel pretty lukewarm towards Drake and Kanye’s last albums), but I’ve been following Kanye and Drake since they started and have always enjoyed their music for the most part.  Future is more of a last couple years thing for me, but he’s been impeccably consistent post-Honest, so yeah.

And three soundcloud producers?

I mean I don’t know if categorizing these people as “soundcloud” producers is entirely appropriate (especially given that one of them now has a physical release), but I really enjoy Bulma, WWWINGS, and the stuff that v1984 uploaded before it all got taken down.  Shouts to all the Beatgatherers guys and LTHL too…they’ve all been really supportive and I love all their music too.


pope – sad cloud
gohda – cryptopolis
kamixlo – lariat
wwwings – pyro (feat. imaabs & lao)
gohda – tha graverobba
sami baha – chunk
kanye west – waves
tom e vercetti – infinite plane
future – now
visionist & fatima al qadiri – the call
gohda – pray
lil uzi vert – he did it
gohda – phantom christ visionz
mssingno – dead
rabit – pandemic
tory lanez – in for it (bulma remix)
young dolph – whatever
lthl – untitled
rabit – wolf spider
gohda – shadow cannon
shy glizzy – handcuffs
barla & graves – hologram
Cheka Gohda


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