para celebrar que es viernes y acaba de empezar junio, os traemos un nuevo descubrimiento de soundcloud: Mega Hostile

de Oakland, California y con unos edits bastante locos, decidimos enviar unas cuantas preguntas y a cambio Mega Hostile nos envío un mix de música candente 🙂 ❤

asi que dale al play y checa esta breve entrevista sobre fiestas en Oakland, Trump y hacer remixes:


what can you tell us about the mix? how do you set off to make them?

with this one it was about putting bay artists in the spotlight and giving them their shine .. the ones that have been grinding for a minute like trucho-g, freddy chingaz, and netta brielle, and then some of the upcoming folks like tia nomore, la favi, and ymtk who are killing shit right now .. but obviously there’s a bunch of tracks in there (some old, some new) from artists outside the bay that i really feel, too, so overall i wanted to put together a good mix of what i’ve been listening to and playing out a lot lately

i’ll usually start thinking about a mix when i’ll hear certain tracks and think, okay, this would be a cool opener right here, and then this one would be a good ender, and from there i’ll start trying to work the middle and figure out how i want shit to come together .. but from there it’s usually a couple months spent finding tracks, getting the sequencing right, figuring out transitions, maybe throwing together some edits or blends, and thinking about different moods i want to play with in the mix .. and then there’s recording, which always takes at least a couple weeks, stressing out over all the little shit that probably nobody cares about anyway .. i feel like i still have a lot to learn though so i’ve spent a lot of time studying how other people move through a set and try to find shit that works for me .. total freedom and asmara definitely influenced how i thought about this one — maybe that comes through, i don’t know

i usually don’t start out with any kind of specific narrative or anything like that in mind .. this one is probably the first one i’ve done where i felt like there were some kind of theme or whatever running through, but it was only after it was recorded that i saw it, and that’s kind of where the name came out of

im glad you brought up the bay are and sort of the music you’ve been listening from there recently. i saw that you’re involved with “trash cvlt“, putting on shows around the bay area? hows that? is it easy to organise events or is it a bit of a bureaucratic/financial nightmare?

i actually only just started getting to know some of those folks in the last couple months, and trash cvlt #4 was the first show where i got a chance to play .. but before that i was playing mostly house parties and some random functions here and there .. k.hole_kardashian hit me up online after hearing some of my tracks and we ended up connecting at trash cvlt #3 .. i think we both kind of realized we had some similar ideas musically so things just came together from there .. but i’m not involved in the work they do behind the scenes, so i couldn’t speak on that process .. i do know that after the ghost ship fire it’s been hella tough for folks, as far as getting permits and keeping certain spots open .. oakland and richmond especially have been cracking down hard on squats and d.i.y. shit, even though the mayors and whoever else have been pushing this line about “safety” and wanting to “support the arts” or whatever .. but really what’s come out of it is more displacement and gentrification and more restrictions on independent functions, which obviously has been happening on a wider level for a while now

oh right, I imagine the ghost ship fire must’ve changed a lot of things in the area. How about Donald Trump’s presidency? has it affected the mood? or maybe the tone of parties

i don’t think so, at least at the ones i’ve been to lately .. some of the functions i’ve played at people are requesting shit like “f.d.t.”, “alright”, and “nasty” more .. you can’t see it in this pic (…ken-by=trashcvlt) but the last two trash cvlt parties had that video of richard spencer getting lit up on the tv’s throughout the night .. and there’s been people with shirts and hats and stuff .. but as far as the mood or the tone, not really

Juan the Alchemist, Bastiengoat and Khole Kardashian

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ah i guess that’s cool, that things haven’t been disrupted. going back to the musical side of things, you have shown a preference for bootlegs and remixes. What’s the thinking behind that? is it because your tracks are more oriented to the dancefloor or live aspect than bedroom listening?

yeah, definitely .. i played a couple all-night sets last year where i had a lot of time to fuck with live edits and random mixes and some of the ones i felt came off the best i’d throw together in ableton and post up online .. so i guess that’s kind of where it started, wanting to capture some of that live aspect and clean it up a little for next time .. but also i wasn’t seeing a lot of club tracks out there that were representing bay music and i wanted to do a little something to remedy that and put some shit out in circulation .. there’s been a couple folks the last couple months talking about doing original tracks though, so i’m trying to make the time right now to focus a little more on that

Chécate su compilado gratuito de remixes aquí abajo y stalkea en Soundcloud



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